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World Chinese Graded Readers Resources

A Day in Early Spring_Audio &
A Flying Umbrella_Audio & Worksheet
A Hug_Audio & Worksheet
A Little Ditch_Audio &
Bad Mood Today_Audio & Worksheet
Big and Small_Audio & Worksheet
Big Elephant Gives Up the Swing_Audio &
Can I Get in Your Vehicle_Audio &
Colorful Milk_Audio &
Do You Want to Go_Audio &
Don't Forget, Little Yuanyuan_Audio & Worksheet
Everyone Is Sleeping_Audio & Worksheet
Families_Audio & Worksheet
I Want to Eat an Elephant_Audio &
I Was Not Careful_Audio &
It's Raining_Audio & Worksheet
Little Elephant's Bathtub_Audio & Worksheet
Looking for Mom_Audio &
Mao Mao and the Dog_Audio &
Mr. Crocodile Takes the Elevator_Audio &
Mr. Octopus Celebrates His Birthday_Audio &
Mr. Octopus Sells Umbrellas_Audio &
Mr. Octopus Takes Some Pictures_Audio &
Mr. Octopus Wants to Have a Contest_Audio &
Riding on a Swing_Audio & Worksheet
Shh! Be Quiet_Audio & Worksheet
So Yucky_Audio & Worksheet
The Ballad of the Butterflies_Audio &
The Ballad of the Praying Mantis_Audio &
The Big-Toothed Dinosaur and the Small-Toothed Dinosaur_Audio &
The Colorful Sky_Audio & Worksheet
The Crawling Ant_Audio &
The Cricket's Ballad_Audio & Worksheet
The Hundred Faces of Snow White_Audio &
The Lost Button_Audio &
The Startled Mouse_Audio &
The Strange Vegetable Soup_Audio &
The Treasure of the Dung Beetles_Audio & Worksheet
The Vehicles Love to Play with Water_Audio & Worksheet
The Way_Audio & Worksheet
Turning Fruits into Toys_Audio &
What Does It Look Like_Audio & Worksheet
What Happens When I'm Sleeping_Audio & Worksheet
What Has Daddy Become_Audio & Worksheet
Where Are the Pinecones_Audio &
Where Is Mr. Octopus Hiding_Audio &
Who Has Been Outside_Audio &
Who's the First_Audio & Worksheet
Who's the Tallest_Audio & Worksheet
Whose Garden_Audio & Worksheet
Without It_Audio & Worksheet
Zhuang Zhuang the Little Bear_Audio &

Autumn Breezes_Audio &
A Busy Evening_Audio &
A Different Kind of Friend_Audio &
Addy the Sloppy Girl_Audio & Worksheet
Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant_Audio &
Dad's Vehicle_Audio &
Finding a Friend_Audio &
Flying Kites_Audio & Worksheet
Fragrant Blankets_Audio &
Fresh Air_Audio & Worksheet
Hanging the Sun_Audio &
Henry the Special Boy_Audio & Worksheet
How to Wake the Little Pig Up_Audio & Worksheet
Humphrey the Big Bully_Audio & Worksheet
I Don't Want to Sleep_Audio &
I Want to Fly_Audio &
It's So Itchy_Audio & Worksheet
Let's Have a Picnic_Audio & Worksheet
Little Buddies_Audio &
Little Donkey Flies a Kite_Audio &
Little Pumpkin House_Audio &
Moving the Sun_Audio &
My Dad Is Different_Audio & Worksheet
My Mom Is Not Home Today_Audio & Worksheet
Not the Same_Audio & Worksheet
Once Upon a Time, There Was a Ball_Audio &
Our Changing Water_Audio &
Our Cloth Tiger Has Run Away_Audio &
Our Little Blankets Have Run Away_Audio &
Our Little Buttocks Have Run Away_Audio &
Our Little Rainboots Have Run Away_Audio &
Our Little Toilets Have Run Away_Audio &
Our Mom Is a Lioness_Audio &
Pooping Is a Serious Matter_Audio &
Saying I Love You as Loudly as You Can_Audio & Worksheet
See You Tomorrow_Audio &
Seven Good Friends_Audio &
The Angry Gray Bean_Audio &
The Balloons That Flew Away_Audio &
The Bang-Bang Dog_Audio &
The Blackout_Audio &
The Car Broke Down It Will Be All Right_Audio &
The Cat That Knew How to Count_Audio & Worksheet
The Crescent Moon Has Risen_Audio &
The Duckling That Got Lost_Audio & Worksheet
The Floral Shirts and the Patchwork Bedsheet_Audio & Worksheet
The Frog and the Snail_Audio &
The Little Baby Is Amazing_Audio &
The Little Caterpillar's Dream_Audio &
The Little Frog and the Little Dewdrop_Audio &
The Little Pigs_Audio &
The Magician_Audio &
The Moon Comes for a Visit_Audio &
The Moon Says Good Night_Audio & Worksheet
The New House_Audio &
The Panda Fleet Goes on a Voyage_Audio &
The Puppet Show and the Reality Show_Audio &
The Rabbit Who Planted Strawberries_Audio &
The Rooster Mama_Audio &
The Snowflakes Are Falling and Falling_Audio &
The Sun Loves to Eat Ice Cream_Audio &
The Twelve Deities_Audio & Worksheet
Up, Up and Away_Audio &
Useless Egg_Audio & Worksheet
We Will Always Be Together_Audio &
What Are You Drawing_Audio & Worksheet
What Does the Stomach Look Like Inside_Audio &
Where Was the Orange Hiding_Audio &
Whose Missing Straw Hat Is This_Audio & Worksheet
Why Do I Have to Change My Clothes_Audio &
Why Doesn't It Brush Its Teeth_Audio &

A Birthday Present for Lily_Audio & Worksheet
A Cat for Lily_Audio & Worksheet
A Determined Joey_Audio & Worksheet
A Happy Rainy
A List of Happiness_Audio & Worksheet
A Mole Digging a Tunnel_Audio &
A Question for the Elephant_Audio & Worksheet
A Small River_Audio &
A Sweet New World_Audio &
A Walking Tree_Audio &
After Every Turn_Audio &
An Adventure in the Barn_Audio & Worksheet
Aunt Maude's Blankets_Audio & Worksheet
Awesome_Audio &
Becoming Good Friends_Audio & Worksheet
Billy the Hare_Audio & Worksheet
Bobby the Little Bear Washes Forty Pairs of Socks_Audio &
Boundaries_Audio &
Buck and Bass the Police Dogs_Audio & Worksheet
Bunty the Little Goat_Audio & Worksheet
Defeating the Sleep Monsters_Audio &
Dinner on a Lotus Leaf_Audio &
Don't Jump Rope with the Frog_Audio &
Everything Has a Heart_Audio &
Goodbye, Summer_Audio &
Grandpa Bear’s Mailbox_Audio &
Grandpa Friday_Audio & Worksheet
Great Luo
Hanging a Bell on the Cat_Audio &
How Adults and Children Reason_Audio &
How Will the Weather Be Tomorrow_Audio &
I Come from Mars_Audio &
I Fell Down and Was Reminded of You_Audio &
It's Good to be Chubby_Audio &
It’s Hard Work Being a Traffic Police Officer_Audio &
Jumping Day_Audio &
Kitty Tabby and Mouse Gray_Audio &
Little Donkey Picks Cantaloupes_Audio &
Little Sunny Bear’s Seal_Audio &
My Favorite Thing_Audio & Worksheet
My Parrot Buddies_Audio & Worksheet
My Thoughts from A to Z_Audio &
Nagging Grandma Belle_Audio & Worksheet
Nobody Was Late_Audio & Worksheet
Oak the Little Pig_Audio & Worksheet
On the Way Home_Audio &
One Leaf and Two Ants_Audio &
Paper Airplane_Audio &
Pink Envelopes_Audio &
Please Take the Wind Seriously_Audio & Worksheet
Plumpy the Little Pig Goes to the City_Audio &
Saving Howard the Farmer_Audio & Worksheet
Seven Naughty Children_Audio &
Switching Moms_Audio &
The Afternoon Spent Picking Corn_Audio &
The 12 Days of the Little Seal_Audio &
The Bear Upstairs_Audio &
The Beautiful Birdhouses_Audio & Worksheet
The Birthday Cake_Audio & Worksheet
The Candy Dragon_Audio &
The Chipmunk Crossing_Audio &
The Chocolate Pastry House_Audio &
The City of the Wild Cat_Audio &
The Clever Captain_Audio & Worksheet
The Cookie Factory_Audio & Worksheet
The Cute Duckling with the Flat Beak_Audio & Worksheet
The Day I Went to Find my Grandma_Audio &
The Diary of the Caterpillar_Audio &
The Diary of the Spider_Audio &
The Diary of the White Crane_Audio &
The Di-Da Monkey_Audio &
The Dinosaur’s Bus_Audio &
The Diplomat Panda_Audio &
The Dream House_Audio &
The Earth’s Breath_Audio &
The First Day of School_Audio & Worksheet
The Fox and the Big Bear_Audio &
The Ha-Ha Tiger_Audio &
The Happy Sheep_Audio &
The Horse Covered in Flowers_Audio &
The Humpback Whale Who Loves to Sing_Audio &
The King of Pets_Audio & Worksheet
The Lamb Whose Name Was The Little One_Audio & Worksheet
The Little Magical Cakes_Audio & Worksheet
The Little Elephant Searches for a New Home_Audio &
The Little Mouse Cheeky_Audio &
The Little Tadpoles Were Looking for Their Mother_Audio &
The Little Tiger Is Hiding_Audio &
The Lucky Star of the King Penguin_Audio &
The Magical Alarm Clock_Audio &
The Magical Seeds_Audio & Worksheet
The Magical Tree House_Audio & Worksheet
The Monster Wants to Eat the Tour Group_Audio &
The Naughty Static Electricity_Audio &
The Not-So-Cute Animals' Party_Audio &
The Old Horses Salt and Pepper_Audio & Worksheet
The Plump Goat_Audio & Worksheet
The Queen's Visit_Audio & Worksheet
The Second Race Between the Hare and the Tortoise_Audio &
The Secret Home for the Animals_Audio & Worksheet
The Secret_Audio & Worksheet
The Seeds from the Mountain_Audio &
The Snowman Who Looked for Warmth_Audio &
The Snub-nosed Monkey Is Looking for Friends_Audio &
The Sticky Snake_Audio &
The Three Little Teachers_Audio & Worksheet
The Three-Legged Race_Audio & Worksheet
The Toothless Tiger_Audio &
The Twelve Zodiac Signs_Audio &
The Violin Cow_Audio &
The Water Genie Who Plays Hide-and-Seek_Audio &
The White-lipped Deer—A Clever Creature of the Highlands_Audio &
The Winter Jasmine Has Bloomed_Audio &
This Is My Body_Audio & Worksheet
Traveling in a Hot Air Balloon_Audio & Worksheet
Uncle Walrus, I Love You_Audio &
We Are Experts in Mixing Feed_Audio & Worksheet
What a Messy Pets' Day_Audio & Worksheet
What's Inside Grandpa's Bag_Audio &
Where Did the Rubber Ball Go_Audio &
Who Does Not Sleep at Night_Audio &
Wolves! Wolves! Humans! Humans!_Audio &
Xiao Jiu the Beluga Whale_Audio &
You Are Special_Audio &

A Delicious Car_Audio &
Airplane_Audio &
Brother Octopus Plays Hide-and-Seek_Audio &
Creating Special Facilities_Audio &
Defeating My Mom_Audio &
Dugong Looking for Manatee_Audio &
Grandpa's Oak Tree_Audio & Worksheet
Granny Has Turned Into An Old Doll_Audio &
Hello, Chinese Pie_Audio &
Hidden Energy_Audio &
Little Clownfish Loves the Sea Anemone_Audio &
Little Yellow, Little Red, and Little Green_Audio &
Mother Polar Bear_Audio &
Mr. Spider's Funeral_Audio &
Ocean Lessons for the Hermit Crab_Audio &
Rescuing My Dad_Audio &
Searching for the Happy Forest_Audio &
The Brave Journey of the Sea Turtle_Audio &
The Diary of the Ant_Audio &
The Diary of the Bee_Audio &
The Diary of the Bombardier Beetle_Audio &
The Diary of the Bush Cricket_Audio &
The Diary of the Butterfly_Audio &
The Diary of the Cicada_Audio &
The Diary of the Cricket_Audio &
The Diary of the Dragonfly_Audio &
The Diary of the Dung Beetle_Audio &
The Diary of the Firefly_Audio &
The Diary of the Ladybird Beetle_Audio &
The Diary of the Longicorn Beetle_Audio &
The Diary of the Mosquito_Audio &
The Diary of the Praying Mantis_Audio &
The Diary of the Snail_Audio &
The Diary of the Watermelon Bug_Audio &
The Lion King Father_Audio &
The Little Red Boat that Rocks_Audio &
The Little Sea Otter Searches for His Father_Audio &
The Moon Bear Goes to Heaven_Audio &
The Moose of Evenk_Audio &
The Plain Bun and the Stuffed Bun_Audio &
The Soft Tofu_Audio &
The Story of the Bird and the Iceberg_Audio &
The Strange Bear School_Audio &
The Sweet Potato That Loves to Imagine_Audio &
The Train to Bear Town_Audio &
The Versatile Dragon Beard Noodle_Audio &
The Wood Ear_Audio &
The Young Green Bean Lady_Audio &
Traveling above the Earth_Audio &
Uncle Bob the Forest Ranger_Audio &